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and I'm a professional wedding photographer hype man. It's my full-time job to create space for you to be your authentic self — and to put the joy and intimacy of your situationship on camera.

Working with Instagram models isn't really my thing... Everyone who steps in front of my camera is a real person with insecurities and fears and passions. Honestly, most of my clients start off at least a little nervous about photos, and that's how I know we'll work well together.

If that sounds like you, you're in the right place. 


the cheesy bullshit


Colby is absolutely amazing! We walked into our engagement photoshoot completely blind. We didn't know what to expect, what to do, how to prepare, even how to dress! He helped us from beginning to end, made it happen on such short notice, and we couldn't be happier with our pictures. His creativity and experience helped us feel instantly at ease and he was so fantastic to work with. I would absolutely recommend him for any family, engagement, wedding or event!

- Maria + Derek

Absolutely Amazing!

Colby was a joy to work with throughout the entire process of booking a wedding photographer. From engagement photos to planning for the wedding to the end results, it was such a smooth process! We absolutely love our photos and are excited to cherish them for a lifetime. Colby is also very warm, accepting, easy to get along with, supportive during wedding day tears (writing from my bride perspective!), and down to let you do the goofiest of photos while also capturing pure romance. 15/10 would recommend!!

- Lauren + Charlie

Fun, kind, supportive, and quality photographer!

Colby is easy to work with, establishes consistent and deep rapport with clients, and captures the most amazing moments of your most celebrated days. Truly, one of the best people you could ask to work with and the quality of photos is unbelievable!

- Ashley + Amanda

Simply the best

Colby Campbell is one of the most professional people I’ve ever met. Colby was hired to shoot our daughter EadieMarie’s wedding photos. We were all very happy with his work. From his easy going personality to the very creative sense and style in his finished product, Colby is an excellent choice. I highly recommend Colby Campbell as your wedding photographer.

- Sue S.

5 stars

I cannot put into words how perfectly Colby Campbell Photography made our special day. From day one we knew that Colby was going to be amazing to work with and that we had found the photographer to bring our wedding day to life and he did just that! The quality is top-notch and his passion shows through his work. I often go back and look through our photos from our wedding and I am in awe of how every moment was captured so perfectly. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a photographer for any type of event as they will bring joy, fun, and help you capture memories to look back on for years to come.

- Hannah + Ryan

10/10 experience

Colby is awesome! He is fun and easy to work with. He has creative ideas for photos and uses our ideas as well. Our engagement photos in the snow were perfect because of him, and the photos of our first dance are fantastic. He has an eye for catching candid love and joy, and he makes everyone feel comfortable in posed shots as well. He also has a knack for organizing big group photos, which is no small feat.

-Hannah + Brent

We love colby!

Colby did an amazing job with our engagement and wedding photos. He captured real moments without being intrusive and was a calming presence throughout our wedding day. We are so thankful for the beautiful work Colby did and to have these moments captured forever. Honestly, it's hard not to love Colby. You will never regret hiring him for your next adventure.

-Haley + Drew

5 stars
am i crying?
am i crying?
am i crying?
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Photos that feel like home
Photos that aren't boring

This is about YOU, after all. Telling your love story means we get to break the rules, and breaking the rules means no stiff poses, dead eyes, or pained smiles. I call it un-posed... you'll see what I mean.

Here’s the deal: We’re gonna get to know each other, like, REAL well. I’m gonna play 20 questions about your life and relationship. We're gonna be in touch with our feelings. You’ll have the chance to roast your partner. If it gets steamy, it gets steamy — y'all are smokin’ hot, so it only makes sense.

This is not school picture day, so let’s all agree to bring the noise.

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