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This is where the rubber meets the road.

Most people have a bucket list full of things they’d like to eat, charitable acts they’d like to do, or people they’d like to meet before they die… Mine is mostly adventures I want to take and art I need to create along the way.

Let’s do some quick definitions. A Destination Wedding is a (usually) intimate wedding in a place like the Dominican Republic or Hawaii, where your immediate family and closest friends fly to a resort for the weekend and celebrate y’all. An Adventure Elopement is an even more intimate affair where we’re probably hiking out before sunrise, summiting a fourteener, and exchanging vows in the presence of yours truly and Mother Earth.

To be clear, my little Eagle Scout heart is down for both.

So, if you’re thinking about foregoing a traditional wedding for something a little further from home, I want to come along for the ride. If it’s in one of these places, I might just give you a healthy little discount on your wedding coverage.

the Adventure bucket list

Big Sur
Maine Coast

Bend, Oregon

Rocky Mountains
Zion National Park
Banff National Park
Gulf Shores



South of France
Cliffs of Moher



Cabo San Lucas

Let's Make It Happen

2022 Travel Schedule

Am I coming to your neck of the woods in 2022? If so, let’s work together (and forget about the travel charges)!

January 2022: Kona, HI, Chicago, IL
February 2022: Chicago, IL
May 2022: Denver, CO
June 2022: Seattle, WA
July 2022: Anchorage, AK
August, 2022: Chicago, IL
September 2022: Yosemite, CA

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